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said on 17/Jul/17Slim, just do your own math and relax. Lets say Bana is 6'2 max, so there you go, 5'10" (177,8 cm) for Brad acvording to you...today...because 2 days ago you daid Pitt was 182 looool said on 16/Jul/17Click Here Here is another .

The best he ever managed was 1 inch taller than her at events and that was puffing himself up while she slouched.

The 33-year-old singer and the 40-year-old actor were spotted staying at the luxurious Amilla Fushi Resort, according to .

Katy and Orlando were seen going low-key while wearing baseball caps during a meal together.

You'd think for a perfectly accurate height, you could afford a 60 quid stadiometer.

said on 24/Aug/[email protected]: His boots aren't particularly heightened in that picture, and his jeans aren't really relevant as he could just wear them lower than usual.

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I suspect it may have included his hair if he wasn't wearing shoes.

Do you think that Johnny Depp is being over-dramatic, or does he have a right to be upset?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up nearly a year ago, but they are still close and just went on a trip to the Maldives!

Remember she doesn't wear big heels max 3 inches so she doesn't go any higher than 5'10" flat.

said on 16/Jul/17Keira Knightley claims 5'7" and gets listed at 5'7" , care to explain this pic?

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