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Patrick Mc Mullen, Ph D, has a keen interest in leveraging high-content biological experiments (gene expression studies, high-throughput screens, imaging, and other sources) into a mechanistic understanding of the underlying biology.

His background in molecular biology, engineering and programming has been instrumental in interpreting and communicating complex data problems in diverse applications.

His risk assessments on fish contaminants, synthetic turf fields, acrylamide, cadmium, and assessments pertaining to risks in children and those with genetic polymorphisms have been published in peer reviewed journals. Ginsberg co-authored a book for the lay public called “What’s Toxic What’s Not” (Berkeley Books, 2006). Kaminski, Ph D, is the Director of the MSU Institute for Integrative Toxicology and a Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Kaminski is a member of the Society of Toxicology and Immunotoxicology Specialty Section, the American Association of Immunologists and the International Cannabinoid Research Society. He has served on various scientific advisory committees including the National Academy of Sciences Committee to Review the Health Effects in Vietnam Veterans of Exposure to Herbicides, the U. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board for the Dioxin Reassessment Review, the Health Effects Task Group for NSF International, and the National Academy of Sciences Committee to review EPA’s Exposure and Human Health Reassessment of TCDD and Related Compounds. Kaminski served on the Board of Trustees for the International Life Sciences Institute-Health and Environmental Sciences Institute from 2003 to 2012. Kaminski is a faculty trainer for the NIEHS training grant. Karagas, Ph D, conducts epidemiologic studies of human malignancies, in particular non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers, bladder cancer and large bowel neoplasms.

She is examining the effects of exposure to toxic metals in drinking water, exogenous and endogenous female sex steroids and the sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

She is also involved in a regional study to understand the excess mortality rates in bladder cancer in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Her work is interdisciplinary, and her studies consider exposure, biologic markers, genetic susceptibility, tumor characteristics, intermediary endpoints and novel statistical approaches.

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His group combines expertise and tools from different disciplines to develop innovative strategies for using large-scale data to solve problems related to chemical and drug safety and efficacy.His research focuses on the development of quantitative, data-driven approaches for understanding and predicting the human health effects of environmental chemicals.Specifically, his research applies computational and statistical methods to transform data into knowledge used to protect public health.Workshops convened by the ESEHD committee provide a public venue for communication among government, industry, environmental groups, and the academic community about scientific discoveries and advances in methods and approaches that can be used in the identification, quantification, and control of environmental impacts on human health.The ESEHD committee is organized under the auspices of Melissa Perry, Sc D, MHS, (Co-chair) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health in the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University. His research examines fundamental molecular mechanisms by which environmental and occupational toxicants induce cellular injury and male reproductive effects.

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    \ * Resigned If Axtb, x Sg B, to asmme tlie Directorship of Uie Museum. Acting upon your suggestion 1 have decided to incorporate in this first formal report a brief account of the entire activity of the Museum during the time which has elapsed since its public inau- guration, accompanied by certain suggestions as to the future. » ♦ • • • • • • • • * • ' • • • » » • • • •• * • « # • • » REPORT UPON THE CONDITION AND PROGRESS OF THE CARNEGIE MUSEUM IN PITTSBURGH, Submitted April ist, 1898, BY w. In 1887 legislation was enacted, which opened the way for the acceptance of the munificent proposal, which had been made by Mr. In 1890 with princely generosity he renewed his offer to the city, quadrupling the amount which he had previously offered to give, naming one million of dollars as the sum which he desired to devote to this purpose. The importance of securing the services of a competent preparator having forced itself upon the minds of the Committee in charge of the Museum, Mr. Webster, one of the ablest and most widely known artists of his class, was engaged, and he entered uj)on his work in the latter part of the spring of 1897. Every effort has been made to aid these parties in deriving from the collections which are gathered here, those advantages which they are intended to convey. Diller, of the Dental Department of the Western University of Pennsylvania, has made use of the anatomical and dental collections for the purpose of instructing his classes.