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Let us then resolve to go and grab Monday by the horns. Go ahead and have the best Monday that you can possibly can have. For many of us, getting through the week can be tough. Don’t spend all of your time just waiting for the weekend to come. Every day, you might find yourself counting your days until the weekend. Enjoy each and every day because it is all a blessing. If you encounter any obstacles along the way, only you can make it work. Today is “Make a wish Monday.” But even when you make a wish, you can’t just sit there and wait for your dreams to come true. On Mondays, all you need is a good cup of hot coffee to make the day fly by. Today is “Make it Work Monday.” That means that you do the best with what you have and you set out to finish your goals without making excuses. May your Monday be filled with joy and endless opportunity. You might not be feeling optimistic because it is only Monday, but this will be a great week.

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The weekday quotes below vary from positive, uplifting, and encouraging to silly and humorous. A fresh start, a clean slate, and a lot of potential for great things to come. Just put on your best face and embrace the crazy chaos that Monday brings. Mondays are a chance for a new beginning and a new perspective, so make them count. Mondays are the beginning of each work week, giving you a chance to have a new beginning 52 times a year. Mondays are a chance to wipe the slate clean and start the week anew. If you have had a bad week, you can go into Monday with the determination to have a better week this time around, or you can just sulk and decide to give up. Finally, that rare and elusive Monday that we like. If you can begin your Monday with a huge sense of optimism, then you can pretty much accomplish anything. Mondays can be tough but keep your head up, your hard work will surely pay off this week. It is Monday and Mondays can be really hard, but you can get through today because you are a warrior.

Today is “Make it Happen Monday.” Think of what your goals are for the week and make them happen.

You deserve a pat on the back just for getting out of bed.

From getting good grades and furthering our education to working hard and making connections in the workplace, we get many opportunities to advance ourselves in life.

While the week can be stressful, you also have to look at the bright side of things.

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