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And there were the gloating announcements when its rival's trains were late.State-owned Trenitalia has also slashed prices, apparently hoping that its state subsidies would enable it to carry on long enough to see the private firm collapse in the price war.It’s now the number one e-commerce business in Italy,” he said.

In the ultra-fast standings, Italy is dead last in Europe, with just one fifth of all its households capable of navigating at speeds which the rest of Europe takes for granted.Fast forward thirty years, and Renzi visited the university on Friday to mark the historic day, safe in the knowledge that Italy was no longer an internet trailblazer.Averaging a measly 8.73 Mbps, Italy's internet speeds are the second lowest in the EU.The money will be used to do things like incentivize service providers to swap their networks of slow and ancient copper cables with modern, speedy fibre optic ones - even in isolated rural areas where internet useage is low.The scale of the job is so big that Amazon senior executive, Diego Piacentini, announced earlier this year he would be leaving his job for two years in order to work for free at the government's digital technology office in Rome.

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