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The marble factory, showroom and shop, has Ireland’s largest display of Connemara Marble jewellery, fashioned in gold and silver, depicting the shamrock, harp, Celtic cross and The Claddagh ring.

Visitors can enjoy the added attraction of seeing the centre’s craftsmen at work.

I mean, they’re not Idris Elba good but they’re David Beckham good at the very least.

Dating from the Pre-Cambrian era, Connemara marble is over 600 million years old.

“A Chusla geal mo chroi won’t you buy a box from me and you’ll have the prayers of Dan from Connemara.I made the actual length of the eyelash strip shorter, so the straightness wasn’t as noticeable, and by trimming off the longest lashes, the lashes are more natural looking now. Who doesn’t want to feel pretty while sifting through piles of Oak filled with potato bugs and spiders?Not natural looking you understand; natural looking than they were. Also found a dead mouse On the left we have the eye with the magnetic eyelashes, and on the right the bald eyeball. They’re subtle enough that you could wear them to the grocery store. I said that the One Two Magnetic Lashes didn’t work. (Clearly this is not a sponsored post) After I wrote my review of One Two Lashes last week, I just couldn’t give up on them.Partly because I’m tenacious and partly because I shelled out 0 for them.

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