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Provide a time for men and women together, a time for men only, and a time for women only, to voice their greatest challenges as single parents.

Then ask them how the church can help meet those challenges.

Involving them in the process of helping themselves is positive and may generate resources from within the group. Put into action those solutions you and the group can and then plan for the future. Keep communicating with them, giving them ownership in their own problem solving, thereby, contributing to the church as a whole.

THE GREATEST NEED OF CHILDREN IN A SINGLE-PARENT HOME While a healthy, two-parent home is the ideal, children can do very well in life and can be well adjusted if they live in a single-parent home with a stable, loving parent.

Sometimes these parents need to recover from loss, redefine their family, supplement or provide an income, and help their children maneuver through the difficulties of life. This article is based on my conversations with single parents and my own observations as a former single parent.

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Education Bachelors in advertising and Marketing 2.1 Employment Marketing manager in a leading FTSE 250 company Family Mum, Dad, 3 sisters and 2 brothers She is the third child in the family, with 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers, The older sisters are married. Personality - Interests and Hobbies Loves travel, Enjoys reading about Islam, different cultures and current affairs.The session is about parenting, not dating or anger at an ex-spouse. If other issues surface, like dating or anger, check later to determine if the church is addressing these aspects of singleness.If not, that is an area for the single ministry as a whole.A stable, loving parent will inevitably have other adults in his or her life to help impact the children.A newspaper article reported on a program that identified assets for youth: "If one person will take interest in a child, it will save his or her life.

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