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Global 13 November 2017: Save the Children announced that it had fired 16 staff over reports of sexual violence in the past year.

The result was a victory for the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), which won 67 out of the 100 seats in the National People's Assembly, while the Party for Social Renewal (PRS) won 28 seats.

Eléments clés La plupart de migrants sont des hommes (93%).

7% des migrants enregistrés sur les points de suivi des flux sont des mineurs.

The organizations said that Kabi was unable to control his anger and as a result it was not appropriate for him to lead the government.

On 25 March, after consultations with political party representatives, civil society, the CNE, and foreign diplomats, Vieira decided on 16 November 2008 as the date of the election.

A group of 20 deputies who opposed the extension said on 15 April that the extension was a violation of the Constitution and that they would not participate in any parliamentary sessions after 21 April; A meeting intended to assess the political situation was held on 18 April between Vieira, the government, the Assembly, and the Council of State.

In this issue On the Agenda The 30th AU summit will be an opportunity to start implementing AU reforms.

Ten new members of the PSC will be elected at the summit.

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