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It has close to zero real culture unless you count its unique take on Sharia Shopping ‘n’ Starbucks.

It is an environmental Chernobyl filled with SUVs and air-conditioning up to and including an indoor ski slope.

Before you say, “But Alex, Dubai is the forward looking part of the Middle East that wants to engage with the world,” I invite you to consider the case of Marte Deborah Dalelv. This is the first big reason I struggle to understand the “Destination: Dubai” mentality.

Dalelv is a Norwegian fashion designer who was on a business trip in Dubai in 2013. Why would you want take your holiday in a country that locks up rape victims when it thinks no one is looking?

Of course, all this architecture doesn’t build itself.

I’m sorry, but you can’t be Ibiza and Saudi Arabia at the same time.Namely, why anyone would want to visit this ghastly place? The other reason I’ve been thinking about Dubai is that the Saudis are getting all sorts of bad press at the moment. It’s a hideous, brutal, oil-rich theocracy that exports terrorism. It really doesn’t really pretend to be anything else. Dubai, on the other hand, markets itself as fun in the sun, a kind of Las Vegas on the Persian Gulf.Yet it has far more in common with Saudi Arabia than you’d imagine. Ms Dalelv was charged with perjury, having extramarital sex and drinking alcohol. There was an international outcry over the case, and eventually Ms Dalelv was pardoned by Dubai’s rulers, almost certainly because of the bad PR. It was accurate PR, and it made Dubai look like what it is: a nasty little theocracy in a shopping mall.One of the best times to visit is from June to August as Dubai's hotels offer deals and discounts on accommodation, and promotions on dining and attractions.If you're looking for an ideal break for you and your partner then aim to book before the summer holidays, check in to one of the many sumptuous five star spa hotels and prepare to be pampered with the city's legendary service.

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