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In the First Anglo-Afghan War the British established a cantonment outside of Kabul with dirt walls approximately waist high.

Surrounding the cantonment were several abandoned forts which, although out of range of British muskets, were close enough for jezail fire.

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During this period the jezail was the primary ranged weapon of Afghan warriors and was used with great effect against British troops.The jezail is mentioned repeatedly in some of Wilbur Smith's books, most notably "Monsoon". Wodehouse in "The Little Warrior" (1920, English title "Jill the reckless") describes how the character Uncle Chris, in India during his first hill-campaign, would "walk up and down in front of his men under a desultory shower of jezail-bullets".It was also mentioned in the George Mac Donald Fraser adventure Flashman, whose protagonist describes the awful slaughter of British Army troops retreating from Kabul to Jalalabad by Afghan jezailchis. The jezail no longer sees widespread use in warfare of any nature.In A Study in Scarlet, Watson mentions being wounded in the shoulder.In "The Noble Bachelor" Watson refers to the Jezail bullet being "in one of my limbs." These discrepancies have caused debate by Sherlock Holmes fans about which of these locations is the "correct" location of the wound.

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