How to tell if girl likes you online dating

She doesn’t have some kind of imaginary willpower to play hard to get by being a bitch.Women have lower self-image when compared to men, and if they like you – they’re going to make it happen. The last time you liked a girl, did you play a bunch of “push her away and act disinterested” games?If you knew this up front, you could know right away if she’s interested in you or if she only wants to be friends.Let’s open her skull and take a look inside the female mind.But what if you could turn a girl on with nothing more than small talk?What if you could make her feel attracted to you simply by knowing how to guide a conversation in the right direction?She basically wants you to know her interest in you is real. She’ll get closer to you, usually within about 18 inches or so.

You see women who aren’t into talking to you will simply not want to add anything.

– Guy calls girl, sets a date – If he gets the date, she flakes or backs out – Or if she goes on the date, he pays for a meal or some kind of event, and she just gives you a kiss on the cheek at the end…

And you’ll probably never hear from her again – no text, no call.

Suddenly she has a dozen appointments to color or cut her hair… This isn’t the flirt you’re looking for, young Skywalker.

She’s just trying to get attention and get you to express interest so she can she’s still got the ability to make men desire her.

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