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The issue of the granny cams has a matter for debate between the nursing home industry, which opposes them as an invasion of privacy, and advocates who favor such surveillance as a means of discouraging elder abuse.

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Long term care (“LTC”) facilities across the country are fortunate if they have not either received family requests to place cameras in their family member’s room or been presented with the results of video recordings.

Currently, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Oklahoma, Utah and Illinois are states with legislation on video cameras in resident rooms.

This proposed legislation is similar to that of other states, but does not address all of the nuances of surveillance in LTC community resident rooms.

Each LTC facility’s policy should include several provisions. Consent must be provided by any residents sharing the room.

All costs associated with purchase and maintenance should be paid by the resident, with the exception of electricity.Any recorded instances of abuse or neglect trigger reporting requirements and a facility response.It is important to note that surveillance can be refused in states without laws on electronic monitoring.Now, family members or responsible parties can obtain free video cameras for short term to gather evidence of resident abuse in LTC facilities.The real problem with this program is that there are no use guidelines to prevent violations of privacy, which requires LTC facilities to step in with policies and procedures to protect residents.

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