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If you have ever tried this you will know this is not an easy thing to do.It’s very unnatural but worse than that because you are not making eye contact with them it’s much harder to connect with them and get the best out of them, especially if they are novices in front of the camera.At the end of the article you will find a project implementing the pseudo session mechanism in a bean that you can use in any Java Server Pages (JSP) applications.The implication is Web applications do not have information about previous HTTP requests by the same user.I want ask a question about session.invalidate() Let assume we have where we input user and password.This article discusses pseudo sessions and how they can overcome drawbacks in the session tracking method.One of the ways to maintain state is to use the session tracking feature from the servlets or JSP container.The servlet API specification defines a simple Http Session interface that allows a servlet container to use any number of approaches to track a user's session without involving the developer in the nuances of any one approach.

At best they look shifty, at worst you need to stop and start again. It’s called “Eyedirect” and made by US based cameraman Steve Mc Williams.Without it you are so disconnected to them and them to you which can make things really tough.I did a feature documentary called “Confluence” last year in Idaho that we did a lots of long interviews for. It was hard work getting the best out of them and I wish I had had the Eyedirect for that project.push "fetch from session and show on the label" and nothing shown.By: jim_pang Hi Henry, thx for the helpful example.

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