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Don't dispel those doubts without really considering their validity.

Has your pal's advice seemed inconsiderate of your lover's feelings?

A close friend will also give you a wake-up call when you're about to step into relationship quicksand.

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It is easy to say that step parents are the ultimate frenemy. When your biological parent’s start dating other people and you want to vomit, cry, and be happy for them all at the same time, so when you do end up meeting their new babe you start acting like a total psycho antisocial, because who can manage all of those emotions at once? And then the time comes where they get too serious too fast, and all of the sudden, hey wedding number two (or three or four, depending on the parent and their lifestyle).

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Step parents, nobody particularly wishes for them, but sometimes you get them.

They are like the fuzzy socks in your stocking at Christmas.

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