Dating springfield armory model 1903a1

Norm Flayderman died in May, 2013, but his family continues the business. "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." Check their alerts and analysis of pending legislation. - Malcolm Mac Pheson's great site filled with info (see the "detail links" tab) on U. and foreign military and civilian drill or training rifles, including fencing muskets.They waste a lot of effort maligning the NRA when they should be fighting the anti-gunners, but they stil have some good points. - I'm not sure who does this site, and the organization is a bit chaotic, but it is loaded with info and photos a hundreds of different guns with collector interest. Most of this information simply cannot be found elsewhere.- An outstanding site loaded with FREE great info to help identify all sorts of swords, polearms, oddball foreign knives and clubs, etc with photos and descriptions and excellent bibliography. Arms Heritage is unique in that it is a DIGITAL ONLY magazine, although you can print a copy out if you want to. This is a once a year even in mid-March by the Maryland Arms Collectors where you will find a wonderful assortment of top qulaity collector arms. Interesting photos and invitation to support their efforts.Contributors include some of the top collectors and authors and the whole think is in color, and provides links ot many advertisers and references. Focus is on nostalgia and architecture of the structure, not the fascinating details of the contents.

Marc and John both insure their collections and business inventory with this firm, and we think you deserve the best too. (Note: Not currently available in California due to their unique requirements. They didn't think it would happen in Australia either!- Everything collectors would ever wanted to know about M1903 (.32 ACP and .380 ACP) and M1908 (.25 ACP) colt pistols, the whole .45 ACP family, etc.Sam Lisker generously shares his thoroughly researched info with you. A real first class operation loaded with information for serious competitive shooters, with emphasis on service rifles.The even offer "Homework Help" on Civil War topics.- Highly recommended source for insurance for your gun or militaria collection.

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