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The concurrent information technology boom could have relieved many of these pressures, had the organization not also found itself significantly challenged in that area.The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, signed 308 writs, one for each electoral district, for the general election of June 28, 2004.Judges appointed by the federal Cabinet had been legally disqualified from voting since 1874.The law remained in place until 1993, but a Charter-based court ruling at the time of the 1988 general election rendered the provision inoperative.Nonetheless, step by step, since 1982, many of these problems have been addressed.Measures taken by Parliament and by election officials ensure that Canada's electoral process is not only legally but also administratively consistent with Charter principles – making the vote accessible to everyone entitled to cast a ballot, while protecting the integrity of the process by balancing the influence of money on electoral contests with the right to free speech.The achievement of these ends was assisted by the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing (also known as the Lortie Commission).It was appointed by the federal government in 1989 to review, among other matters, the many anomalies in the electoral process identified by Charter challengers.

Since the introduction of the Charter, there have been over 30 court cases involving electoral matters.In 1992, the Commission's recommendations were reviewed by the Hawkes Committee, a special eight-member panel that produced additional recommendations concerning the .Both reports were reviewed by Parliament, with advice and support from the Chief Electoral Officer.In 1990, Elections Canada faced a number of challenges.It employed a management system that functioned on a case-by-case basis.

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