Consolidating private student loans bank of america

Private loans from Bank of America are not tied to your federal financial aid offers.

Private loans can be accessed by undergraduate and graduate students, and offer flexible repayment terms that sometimes require minimum monthly payments as low as .Update: Until recently, Bank of America administered Federal Student Loans. Additional privately funded student financing options have historically been a part of Bank of America’s lending portfolio, but these student loans programs have been suspended until further notice.Currently, these loans are issued exclusively through the U. The following entry is provided for historical reference and to serve as a resource; should Bank of America initiate student loans at a future date.About Bank of America Student Loans Bank of America student loans was offered by Bank of America, which was one of the largest and the most prominent lenders within the U. However, due to the 2008 financial crisis, this bank no more offers loans for students.There are no chances for students to avail these loans now as it seems that these loan programs will not resume anytime in near future.

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