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They accused the NYT's investigative reporter, Sarah Nir, of purposely lying, bad journalism and making factual errors.

Her copy triggered a radical overhaul of standards.

Researchers also suggested that many of the workers, who were primarily of Asian descent, avoided using personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses and dust masks when handling dangerous chemicals.

They said technicians and hairdressers should 'speak up if they do not understand something' due to the risks of infection to the paying public.

A New York Times expose in 2015 revealed many technicians in the US are making little to no money because of 'rampant exploitation'.

Angry salon owners responded to the scathing report by gathering in front of the newspapers office in Manhattan and chanting 'we need answers'.

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A variety of esports tournaments will be showcased, with cash prizes and overseas trips up for grabs for the winners.

Rush is where fans, supporters, enthusiasts and newcomers to esports will be able to experience the thrill of watching SA’s top gamers and teams/clans compete for prizes on dedicated stages, complete with big screens and live commentary.

They were asked about how often they experienced respiratory, fungal and dermal symptoms after visiting their hairdresser or went for a manicure.

The researchers, led by Lindsey Milich, also sought to learn how aware clients were of the potential biological and chemical hazards in salons.

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